The candy is divided up and put away. The decorations are back in the basement. And I'm now faced with really getting things ready for craft shows. No more putting it off, lol.

First, here are a few photos from the last few days of festivities.

Here are Shaggy and Scooby, a cowboy and Frankenbox.

And my far-from-ferocious dragon.

All of my boys got those wonderful long eyelashes. It's so not fair.

Here are the pumpkins we carved this year. All designed by kids and mostly carved by me. They lost interest really fast, lol.

Here's Alice greeting trick-or-treaters. I pulled a chair up to the door so my youngest could see who was coming but when we all stepped outside, Alice thought it was for her. (She has two different colored eyes so they come out creepy when photographed with a flash.)

My 3rd boy has two different colored eyes too. His don't look creepy just serious while eating sour candy.

One last one for posterity. Here I am with my twin sister and our brother, circa 1971.


Missy said...

Love the boys costumes! Love the 70's pic of you and your sibs too.

Just curious...What do you sell at craft shows?

Julie said...

I started out selling totebags, stockings and notecards of my photos. I'm expanding it a bit this year -- pin cushions, pillowcase dresses, ornaments, decorated hair things and pins. I like the idea of reusing vintage stuff and plan on focusing most of my attention on that from now on.

Jillian said...

You know, I was looking at the last picture thinking "where on earth did she find three vintage 1970's costumes in such perfect condition, and how did she talk her children into wearing them...especially the clown, that mask looks creepy."

Then I saw the caption. ROFL!