I wish I was in Carrickfergus...

My son, our friends and I liked
the little town of Carrickfergus,
County Antim, Northern Ireland,
so much we visited it twice.

I didn't know until we got home
that it was made famous in song.
Click imaged for a larger view
and visit Flicker for more photos.

Statue of King William III

Carrickfergus Castle

Inside the Norman castle.


Get your needles and hooks ready

Need something to keep you busy on a cold fall night?
How about ideas for making holiday gifts?
Here are just a few of the many knit and crochet
booklets coming to Red Hen Studio's Etsy shop.


Coming soon ... to Etsy

The sun finally came out today,
so I photographed new items for Etsy.

I've shared this super-soft scarf here before.

This shabbby white sugar bowl is marked U.S.A.

A sweet deer fawn container needs someone creative.
There is a chip in the back of the bowl
but it is too cute to just throw away.

Starting to purge my set of Liberty Blue dishware.
First up, serving bowls, water pitcher and a cream & sugar set.

Retro Japanese daisy coffee mugs in great fall colors.

I have three different aluminum sets in a mallard theme --
a large tray, small canape trays and coasters.

Very nice mid-century creamer with great graphics.

Two metal index card boxes, one large, one small.

Spare aluminum knitting needles and cable holders.

Be sure to check back to Red Hen Studios on Etsy often.
I will be adding more vintage and handmade items
once the  kids go back to school in a few weeks.