The stockings were hung....

My plan is to sell my Christmas stockings over on Collage but I wanted to give y'all a preview here first. I'm a little concerned that our planned grand opening on December 1st might be too late for folks to want to purchase stockings.

Here's my helper. He was getting in my way helping while I took photos. When I told him to get some toys to take pictures of, he brought back his toy camera. Aaaaaw!

He seems to need a lesson on how to point the camera, lol.

This pair of "his and hers" stockings are offered for $36.00 plus S&H.
(Click the links to see more information and photos.)

As is this pair.
(I almost forgot. All sets of stockings come with a free gift from me.)

This trio is for sale for $50 plus S&H.

This family 4-pack of Damask stockings is offered at $65.00 plus S&H.

All of these train stockings were made for the local model railroad show my dh ran for years. I have three of each color and they sell for $12.00 each plus S&H.

More information on this retro blue print is here.

More information on this cartoony cream one is here.

And this green one is here.

I also have more single stockings over on Etsy too.

If you'd like anything you see, please email me or send a comment. Thanks! And happy shopping!

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