A few wee projects in the works

This is one of those ever-evolving projects where I start something with no idea where it will end. I started with pink ribbon roses (I think that's a roll of hem tape) on vintage hairpins. I then added vintage button centers and white ric-rac.

The silver of the hairpins got me to pull out the little bundt pans and the pink of the flowers led me to pink fabric and ribbon. Thinking they could be used as jewelry holders, I added a pincushion tuft to the centers of the pans. Don't know if I want to keep the center or even where to go from here. Stick the flowers into the pincushion? Add ribbon around the outside edge of the pan? Maybe put it on the inside instead? Any idea?

While in Scotland, I bought the top two fabrics. The cotton tartan is that of the kids' band my son played with over there. I picked the rose-colored wool because it matched best. The nubby green is a vintage Irish wool skirt I thrifted awhile ago. Together, with vintage buttons, they became these:

I figured out how to cover buttons for this project. It's funny how many projects can be done by expanding on the plain old yo-yo.

This is the embroidery from a ratty bib I picked up cheap. It was stained on top of the image and it wouldn't come out. I tried coffee staining it but now like it even less, Unless I can find just the right fabric to go with it, I'm think I'll risk bleaching it.

Believe it or not, this is the "after" picture. Well, maybe the "in process" picture. I had been storing all sorts of notions in my collection of decorative times. It was a PITA. Every time I wanted something, I had to open every container because I couldn't remember what I had put where. Time for a new storage solution -- and it was right under my nose the whole time.

My dining room suite has 3 big pieces of storage. (I'll show you a picture of the whole room once show boxes and all the stuff that is normally in our basement are moved out.) The 3 drawers in this piece held vintage fabric, doilies and tablecloths. I was able to condense it all into two drawers leaving the top one free for trims.

There was no way all of these would fit into those tins anyway.

And there's an example of my creative genius at work!!! I was going to put those empty movie reels on Etsy until I realized they are the perfect size for holding ribbon. I can now see most of what I have. On to actually getting some work done.


theresa said...

drool, drool!

Natalie said...

Love your post.
Package came and we played Christmas.
Thank you x 10,000.
Life is a little too crazy at the moment, and I will
share more soon.

Penny said...

Great idea for the reels! Doesn't it feel good to reuse "stuff" that you have in a creative way?