Happy Halloween and new blogs

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate! We still need to carve our big pumpkin. I did 3 little ones with my kindergartener and two of his friends after school yesterday. It was fun if a bit disorganized!

I still need to get candy for the trick-or-treaters. Yikes! I'm afraid we may be the one house on the block that hands out the "bad" candy if the store shelves are empty.

And now, on to new blogs for you to check out:

Cyndy is new to blogging but I've enjoyed her sense of humor for a few years now. Oh, go tell her you love feet too! LOL

Like Merchant Ships offers a comical look at frugal living.

Dooce had me cracking up at her daughter's insistence she lick her lollipop for her.

My crazy Life features another mom of boys who has taken up running. More power to her. I get enough running just chasing after my boys.

Collage Contessa creates, what else, beautiful collages! In her 8.29.07 entry, she has a comprehensive list of creative blogs.

Calamity Kim is one busy lady. Just look at her Halloween photos and doll quilt tutorial. Wow!

turkey feathers Is one of those sites I keep coming back to when I see it in other blogrolls. I can't believe I haven't added it before now. Once I get going on hand embroidery, I"m going to have to buy patterns from her Pattern Bee site.

allsorts is another one I've read forever. Her pumpkin is much cuter than mine, even with all those eyeballs.


Natalie said...

Link'o rama! Our treat from you... thank you.
Happy Halloween to you! I hope it's all treats ;-)

allybea said...

Thanks for the name check! I've returned the compliment cos I really enjoy coming to your site :)