Filling up the shop

I accidentally discovered how to adjust
the white balance in portrait mode on my camera
and now have lots of photos for Etsy listings.

Some of them have already been listed
and others will soon be added in the next few days.

This bright orange metal holder will prevent napkins
from blowing away at your next picnic.
Look for it, as well as the next two items,
in my Vintage Kitchen section.

Mint condition, one-quart Icy-Hot Thermos
in bright cherry red with a mod pattern.
Two older and shabbier insulated beverage holders
from different manufacturers also available.

Large, two-tone, rolling pin with nice patina.
Great addition to a primitive or farmhouse decor.

Six electric clocks will be in my Vintage Household section,
Besides this classy mid-century Art Deco style,
there are kitchen models and small bedside alarm clocks.

Sweet little hand-painted girlish piggy bank
was made in Japan by Lefton
and can also be found in my Vintage Household section.

Quite a few classic adult titles have recently
been added to my Vintage Books section but
my favorite is this child's illustrated book of numbers.

Dozens of knitting needles -- straight, DPNs and circulars --
will soon call my Vintage Supplies section home.

Some of my favorite finds lately have been
all the vintage 1970s-era floral sheets like this one.
Many more in my Vintage Linens/Fabrics section soon.

Lastly, I can't list these on Etsy as they aren't necessarily vintage.
 Six Homer Loughlin Fiesta cups and saucers in Sea Mist Green
are now available on my Facebook Fan Page.

Happy shopping!


Just call me "Crochet Girl"

Now that I don't constantly have a baby in my arms
I can often be seen working on a crochet project
whenever we are out and waiting somewhere.
In fact, that was exactly why I picked up crocheting.

I get quite a few comments from strangers.
mostly about how hard it looks or asking what I am making.
Often I hear "My mom used to knit."

I was sitting in the pediatrician's office last week
with two of my boys waiting on their yearly checkups.
A medical sales rep came in and chatted with everyone.
He asked me if I was "crochet girl."
Huh? Um sure, I guess so.

When he said he saw my van, I realized what he meant.
He was just a little off, as this is the sticker I have
on one of the van's back windows.


Strike a pose

I've crocheted about a dozen hats in the past week
thanks to the super-easy "Mademoiselle Slouchy Hat"
pattern from Inner Hooker (great name, eh?).

Since my house is full of only boys,
female models are hard to come by.
I took advantage of my son's friend
while she was here to play yesterday.

She didn't understand what "be my model" meant
and told me I could "just put the hat in my bag" 
when I was done photographing her in this one.
Or maybe she knew exactly what she was doing.
It did go home with her. :-)

This one, in an olive green, has also been spoken for.
If you would like a hat I can make them in any color.
Child size is $20 and adult size is $24,
when using acrylic yarn, with shipping included.
($4 to add a flower and buttons.)


Back to the beach

While in Connecticut last weekend
we spent an afternoon at the beach.
Just me, three of my boys, some kite flyers
and miles of sand, water and shells.


Fruits, er scarves, of my labors

Apparently, I was busy this winter.
Only I didn't realize just how busy until
I pulled together all the scarves I'd crocheted.

Most are variations on the double crochet stitch,
used because I could just keep on stitching
without really thinking about what I was doing.
Perfect projects for working up during
cold winter evenings in front of the television.

Soft and slightly fuzzy yarn, possibly lambswool or angora,
make up this scarf of wide stripes in cream, lavender and pink.
It is 4.5" wide and 70" long.

Super-soft acrylic scarf in lilac with a hint of white.
Measures 6" wide and 76" long.

These daisy chains are made of recycled sweater yarn,
in robins-egg blue with red centers.
It is 3.5" wide and 82" long, perfect for 
wrapping round and round multiple times.

First scarf made from hand-painted rayon boucle
bought from the Etsy shop Yarntopia.
This one is in more muted pastel tones and
measures a stretchy 6" wide by 66" long.

This one is made from a brighter pastel yarn
and is 4" wide and an extremely long 120".

All will soon be available for purchase
Look for the photo album!!!


Ewe + Two

One of my photos from our farm visit last week has inspired
another beautiful piece from Kimberly Kelly Santini.

She has already painted my pup Alice twice.
Her business is "Dog A Day Painting,"
but, as you can see she is pretty good at 
capturing all kinds of animals.


Crocheted bling for your fingers

Taking a break from crocheting fancy squares
but still working with a teeny tiny needle.

Bits of lighter-weight leftover yarns are 
turned into cute flower rings in no time.

They will soon be up for sale on my Facebook page.