Morning glories revisted

I caught one last bloom posing, looking prettier than last time.

I took these photos last Thursday.
The whole plant has since withered away.

It has been replace by two large pumpkins. Fall has finally arrived.


First paying gig

My son the drummer, niece and friend had their first paying gig last Friday night.

They were suppose to lead a parade
but with the rain and lack of spectators, the venue changed.

They played inside a small Irish pub instead. Very fitting.

It was a very last minute change but we were pleasantly surprised
at how well the siblings behaved during the wait.

It helped that we came armed with handheld games and crayons!

Here are a few of the tunes they played.

That was the first tune they played. They had a bit of a tuning issue
but it got much better as they went along.

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Better late than never

I gave my sewing machine some much needed attention.
I don't know why I procrastinate so.
These were projects languishing in my "to finish" pile
and in reality it took no time at all to actually finish them.

I pulled together about a dozen tie scarves.

These are my 4 favorites.

They'll be up on Etsy soon.

Now I can do something with my new collection of ties
which made it safely through a ride in the washer and dryer.

I started making knitting bags from tea towels back last December.

I got one finished and then put the rest
of the sorted fabrics back into storage.

This one was nearly done. It took about a half an hour to finish up.

Who else procrastinates and has piles of half-finished projects?
My problem is I lose interest when a new
craft/project/material comes along.

I'm now off to see what else I can finish up.
One things for sure, I get a big sense
of accomplishment getting things done.


Favorite finds and another hat

Here's the knitting machine I bought at a garage sale on Friday.
I already gave it to my sister for her birthday, a month early, lol.
She's been on the look out for one.

We don't know how to work it and it didn't come with the manual,
but I have ordered a CD of materials from a woman in the UK.

One of my favorite dogs is the Westie.
(I'd love to have a Westie and a Scottie!)
This embroidered piece is the cutest.
It is cross-shaped to drape over all 4 sides of a small table.

I also found this vintage photograph.
It is inscribed on the back like it was sent as a Christmas card.
Dual purpose frugality at work!

And now I have enough ties to last me awhile.
Fifty-three of them in a box labeled "Dad's neckties."
Four bucks for all, less than 8¢ each.

The guy was rather color coordinated.
They paired up really nicely.

Here is my latest finished hat and scarf.
They were made from the yarn I bought from Yarntopia.

Turned out to delicate for my dh so I gave them to my niece.
Her winter coats are dark blue and brown, so they match.
(I was worried she wore all pink, lol.)


Morning glories

This is the world's saddest specimen of morning glory, isnt it?
I think I was a bit lax in watering.

Once it fully bloomed, I was able to resurrect it a bit by
re-training it across the old shutters and barn star.

And at least I was able to get a few pictures.

It got even better when the setting sun
peeked through the trees to highlight the buds.

Beauty in the simplest things.
Even without flowers, it is a lovely plant.

PS I just found this post from the spring. To bad my original vision didn't come to life.


Multi-talented six-year-old

Not only can he drum, but my first grader can also write and draw. LOL

I'm saving this one forever!!!


I give up

I moved the drying sunflower heads from our porch to the garage to the driveway next to the dog tie-out.

On the porch, the kids got to them.

In the garage, we caught a chipmunk eating them.

This is what happened to them when they were drying in the sun on the driveway.

He and his friends can have them.


Now to find somewhere to stash it all

I need to go out thrifting like I need a hole in the head. Sometimes it is my only relaxing time of the week and I can't pass up good deals.

These fabrics were so pretty, multiples of the same prints in different colorways. Is the rather dated shiny stuff called chintz?

I got them all home and while leafing through them I read they are all Waverly. No wonder I like the prints! I'll have to go look up some of the name online to see what vintage they are.

I apparently had a color scheme in mind the last few weeks. I found these items on 3 different outings. Perfect for my kitchen -- after the house is off the market. I wouldn't want to clutter it any. (I also have a red clock just like this one that is even more 1950s Art Deco in styling. That is going on Etsy or eBay.)

Misc goods -- pretty linen towel, two tie racks to use for craft shows, a spool of lace and 4 spools of thread.

This is but a part of the dominoes I've found recently. I found 3 more boxes on Saturday after I took this picture. I put my teenager to work putting holes in them to make pendants.

Isn't this little cherub receptacle cute? It's marked "Bone China, Made in England." Destined to be a pin cushion.

I hit the vintage craft book mother lode. These all have crochet patterns I can use. If not, I'll pass them on.

This is one I definitely want to try. It says they are patterns for placemats, coasters and tablecloth but I think I'd love a bed coverlet in this pattern.

More booklets with clip art scroll work, tatting patterns and needlework patterns.

I found these 3 together. A 1950s hardcover sewing book, a paperback kids' sewing book and a party planning book.


Another natural

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