The color has faded

And now we just wait for snow.
though we have already had a few tastes of it here 
in Northeastern New York.


Shopping sprees

Between the fiber festivals and craft fairs I went to this fall,
I've added to my stash, though I should be trying to use it up.

I have a hard time using the "good" yarn I buy though.
Want to make something extra special, usually for me.

Here are 3 wool yarns.
The top one is a hand-spun, bulky denim tweed.
The middle is hand-dyed worsted Norwegian wool
The last two red and white are fingering weight
and were seconds from a mill in Maine.
Any suggestions on how to use them?

I always go for the bargain bins at shows,
and don't mind buying vintage stock.
These are both wool and about $2 a skein.
I'm thinking of using them together.

I'm also building up my roving stash.
I have used the drop spindle once to make some yarn,
just enough to make a sweet flower brooch.
Need more time or to find someone who gives lessons,
in both spinning and felting, to get the most of these.

And I couldn't resist these cute pewter buttons with bagpipes!!!
I still have a stash of Scottish wool tartan and solids
I would love to pair these with.
Maybe a bag for me .... to carry my latest yarn projects in.


Purple and turquoise warmth

I've got quite the color scheme going here, eh?
Not done on purpose but I have been drawn
to purple and turquoise lately when I crochet.
 (Be sure to click on images for a larger view.)

Button-up chevron cowl , made with a pattern from Unravel Me
using vintage acrylic-mohair yarn in lilac and lavender colors
and closed up with dark purple-blue plastic buttons.
Super soft and light but also very warm around your neck.
Measures 8" X 24" when opened up. $25 including shipping.

Child-sized rolled brim hat made with bulky yarns.
The turquoise is Homespun in Seafoam by Lion Brand Yarn.
The purple is wool yarn taken from a sweater.
It is not as soft as the Homespun but the combination
makes for a sharp-looking hat that stands up on its own.
Circumference is approx. 20" so it will fit an older child.
(It's tight on me and fits my 9-year old perfectly.)
$20 including shipping.

Toddler-sized rolled brim hat made with a bulky yarn --
Homespun in Seafoam by Lion Brand Yarn.
Thick and warm but really soft, it stands up on is own.
 $20 including shipping.

Email me at redhenstudios@aol.com if you are interested in anything.
And check out my facebook page for more crocheted items.


Sometimes simpler is better

My camera is officially doomed.
Dreaded"lens error" issue that I have now learned
is common with Canon cameras.
Knocked around one too many times, I guess.
Until I can get a new one, I have been borrowing
my niece's simple Canon point-and-shoot.
At 12.1 mega-pixels it actually has better resolution
than my now-broken Power Shot.

Can't decide if I want to save for a DSLR
or get one of these simple cameras to tide me over.
Just look at these shots!