Boob beanies available

Be it in support of the importance breastfeeding
or breast cancer awareness, people are wearing boob hats.
What a phenomenon it has turned out to be!

So, thanks to a pattern from Inner Hooker,
I've been making and selling them for a few weeks now.
You can find them in many sizes in my Etsy shop
or you can email me directly at redhenstudis@aol.com.

Newborn to child sizes are $18-20 plus shipping.
They can be any natural skin color combination or all pink.
I have cute little pink and black skull tattoo appliques
that can be added if you would like.

Tween, adult and extra large sizes are $23-25 plus shipping.
Again they can be any natural skin color combination or all pink.
They come with a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

Are you man enough to wear a boob hat?
My neighbor Joe is showing support for his wife
who has had numerous breast biopsies lately.
I hear he rarely takes it off and proudly wears it everywhere.


Going roving

Awhile back I experimented with felting bowls
I'd crocheted from recycled sweater yarn.
It was an absolute failure.
Our new high-efficiency washer combined with unknown
yarn content and they didn't felt very, well, efficiently.

So I've bought some wool roving to try it with next.
The solid color yarns are Bernat Roving and
the multi-colored ones are from Crystal Palace Yarns.

Can't wait to show you what I have created!


Dog day afternoon, in January

Beautiful spring-like weather we have been having
here in upstate New York lately.
For most of the winter actually.

Since the sun was shining, I headed out to
a local park with the dog on Saturday.
None of the kids wanted to come with us,
preferring instead to play with new Legos.

Perfect day out for me with my camera
and Alice getting the chance to make many new friends.
Next time I am going to focus on "shooting" the dogs.

Here are some of my photos from that day.
Don't forget to click on the images for larger views.