My favorite kid photos

I'll admit, the are heavy with photos of my youngest,
but that because his photos are only on the computer.
The others had mostly film photos taken.
Also included are friends and cousins.







These two are 15 now!



















My guest blogger

The 3yo told me he wanted a blog just like mine.
Why not, he already uses his Dad's iPhone like a pro.
He agreed to write on mine,
and I convinced him to draw a picture for it.
This is my husband and myself sporting some pretty big hair.



eamonn dowd


Possible living room facelift in the works

This is an example of what I call thrifting serendipity.
I found these two coordinating fabrics within days
of each other at two local thrift stores.

Love the combo of olive, gray and cream.
They are going to make perfect throw pillow covers
for my living room couch and chair.

Maybe this will also push me to make the slipcovers
for them from creamy white chenille bedspreads
I have collect for that express purpose.


Ribbit ribbit

"When used this way, the word is slang,
and it is also a play on words.
It pays tribute to our amphibious friends, 
he frogs, and their choruses of "ribbit, ribbit, ribbit".
When you discover a mistake in your crochet work,
you rip it, rip it, rip it – hence, you frog it."

And for an inexpensive, endless source of yarn,
frogging old sweaters is the way to go.
It is environmentally friendly too.


A friend asked my if I could recreated something
from this holiday sweater that was once her late mother's.


I plan to make Christmas ornaments from the appliques
but in the meantime I frogged the plentiful yarn
from the back and the sleeves.

 I made 3 sweet little red scarves for 
3 sweet little girls, her granddaughters.


There are crocheted heart details on one end
with black buttons from the original sweater.

Each scarf is long and narrow
and there is enough yarn leftover to make more.


While thrifting last week,
I found three handmade sweater vests 
nd spent all of last weekend frogging them .
(Sorry the colors are so off.)

A sore hand and I now have 11 balls of yarn
waiting for me do decide on new projects.

You also never know what you will get
for cheap (or even free) just for the looking.
My sister was given 4 of these cones of sock yarn
for free at a garage sale recently.
She gave me one of each color.