Homemade family treasures

No, not Alice. I just needed to show you where she normally snoozes. No wonder the cushions are pulling away from the frame of the couch. I used to blame the kids.

She's a bit spoiled. If she isn't here, she's on the back of the chair, on one of our beds or sunning herself in the front room -- on top of the dining room table.

Today, she decided the afghan on that table (waiting to be photographed for this blog entry) looked pretty comfy.

This column is dedicated, from left, to my Uncle Beanie, Aunt Nene, Grandpa Red and Grandma Edna. Nene and Edna were sisters.

Like most people that grew up in the Depression, nothing was thrown away or went to waste. I was lucky enough to inherit many handmade items from this, the paternal, side of the family.

Nene (Geneva) lived well into her 90s. She lost her only son in childbirth and outlived the rest of her generation. She had lots of stories to share. And needlework -- tatted doilies, crocheted dishcloths and knitted afghans. This flame-stitched afghan is my favorite, even though it mus've been done in her later years. One end is about a foot wider than the other, lol.

I'm not sure who stitched up up this red gingham animal. Not even sure what kind of animal it is. It was my dad's, as well as these children's books. They are the first things I remember inheriting in my early 20s. It has inspired a lot of my fabric collecting lately. I'm drawn to red gingham.

And this is my newest handmade inheritance. My grandfather made this with directions ordered from a newspaper ad. He took up residence here when my parents' moved this past summer.

While taking his photo, I realized this hooked rug was also made by my great-aunt, lol.

This decoupaged jar was either made by my grandmother or for her by one of her children. It now sits on her Singer sewing machine, right here next to the computer.

And last but not least, this is a boat my dad made as a child. We also have a boat made by my husband and a much cruder one made by my oldest son.


allybea said...

Those are precious treasures to have. And Alice looks so comfy and adorable I'm sure you don't have the heart to make her move!

Christy said...

Lovely family heirlooms Julie!

And Alice does look quite comfy and a bit spoiled. :)

Natalie said...

What terrific treasures and what a blessing to have tangible connections to your family. I love that you know their stories and value the people aas well as their skills... sadly, it seems like those are values that we are losing in our society. Every now and then I meet a dog, that makes me wish we could have one too... Alice looks like such a dog. Give her a scratch for me, will you please?

Mrs. Chicken said...

These objects are lovely. I, too, adore the handed-down artifacts of my family. Great post.