Love a prop!

Before telling my son to put his late great-grandfather's pristine straw hat back on the hook where he found it. I had to take pictures, of course. Love how the new camera catches the light. These are all pretty much un-retouched.


Changing it up

Was getting tired of bagpipe music in person AND on the blog so I switched to some of my favorites from earlier in the year.

While searching for my "boyfriend's" (as my boys call him) newest song, I found "Lucky" done with a Spanish partner. I like it!

Oh, I see his birthday was yesterday. Ten years isn't too much of an age difference, is it?



...I'm actually doing something other than taking pictures.

I finished this scarf on the field trip last week.

I bought the yarn last September from Yarntopia
and have another matching skein
plus two of a smokier combination of colors.

My first attempt at using
a teeny tiny hook making teeny tiny stitches.
It is very lightweight and soft.


School photos

I just love taking photos of our neighborhood elementary school in the evening light. While these aren't as dramatic as the ones I used on last year's yearbook cover, it was nice to be able to zoom in to see the details of the weathervane at the tippy top.


Da bears

I went on a field trip to the Bronx Zoo last week.

My favorite subjects were the bears.

While all the photos I took looked nice in full color,
these guys just needed to be done in black and white too.


St. Mary's Church, Coxsackie, NY

On our way home from Scottish games in New Jersey, we stopped a few hours south of home to visit an old family friend -- the priest who married us nearly 18 years ago. I think the last time we saw him, we only had two boys. He got to see what has been keeping us busy lately!