Great results with child labor!

Remember making loopy potholders as a kid?

After finding three pretty fancy wooden looms at a garage sale,
my 9-year-old son is weaving pretty fancy pieces
from yarn he has picked out of my stash.

it was pretty easy for us to figure out how to get started.

 Ta-da! There is a completed one.
Next time we will need to use bulkier yarns,
or even thick yarn made from old t-shirts.
The posts of these looms are far away from each other,
and, therefore, the edges very loose.

Once he has perfected his technique,
my little crafter wants to open his own Etsy shop.
His work is so good, I might just let him!


Faces of fiber

Spent the afternoon yesterday with my husband,
our two younger boys and these fine creatures.

Whenever we go to the Washington County Fiber Festival,
and similar events, I'm not sure which I like better -- 
all the yummy yarns or the animals from which they came.

(Be sure to click each image for a larger view.)


Love a man in uniform

Did you know husband gets together
with his buddies and they play dress up?

Takes a bold and brave guy to not only wear a kilt
but also add the full regalia that comes
with being a Scottish pipe band drum major.
Helps to have facial hair too.

These are photos from our last two trips
to New Hampshire Highland Games
held each September at Loon Mountain.


Local Shaker farm site

Ok, after chickens, sheep, alpacas and goats,
turkeys are now my favorite barnyard animals.
(Every time we visit a farm, I have a new favorite, btw.)

Saturday afternoon, while my oldest had band practice,
two other boys and I made an impromptu visit to the
Shaker Heritage Society Home for a craft show. 

The turkeys were in two large pens, way up off the ground.
Like little puppies, they came right up toward us
as we got closer and ate grass from our hands.
Aren't they cute???


Last of the summer flowers

Summer blooms are fading, but before they are replaced
with autumn-hued mums, pumpkins and scarecrows
there are still plenty of photo ops out there.

Set your camera on macro and get in really close.
Make the most of the color, texture and shape
of just one or maybe a few flowers
before they completely fade away.