Yarning away my stay

Whoa, once again more than a month
has elapsed since my last post.

In my defense, we've had a lot going on --
preparations for and a trip to Scotland,
 sending the oldest boy off to college and,
now, getting the younger ones ready for school.

Before our vacation overseas,
I spent a week in a hotel suite as the chaperone
for a gaggle of boys at band camp.

Perfect for indulging in my new favorite pastime,
spinning wool, and my old standby, crocheting.
I did both in the room, by the pool and basically
anywhere I needed to be to keep an eye on my charges.

Even with needing to supervise their high-energy fun,
I had time to spin three skeins of yarn
And get a start on a granny square baby afghan.

Can't wait to volunteer again next year.
It was rough. :-)