Making room in my closet

Every winter I buy a new coat. Or two. I get them for $5 at my favorite thrift store.

From left, I have a black cape, a navy pea coat, a long red dress coat, a vintage Pendleton cape (Sherlock Holmes, anyone?) a textural black knee-length, a blue tweed, an orange hooded jacket with fake fur trim, a ski coat, a cream-colored trench and brown suede jacket.

When I brought my newest find, the blue tweed home this past weekend, my dh had the nerve to ask if I was going to get rid of any of the others. This from the man who has saved coats for 15 years or more.

I loooooove this coat.

The collar.

The fit.

The buttons.

The way it matches my favorite double-tie scarf.

The color - a combination of Scottish lavender, thistle and heather.

The length.

That it came from Scotland.

And the fact that it cost me five bucks.


Natalie said...

I love that you have perfect reason to have a coat collection... Real Winter! Isn't it strange and wondrous the satisfaction that comes from successful thrifting... the chance meeting of something that *belongs* in your possession, the ultra-amazing affordability?
Mood coats, alternate weather coats, new color coats, hip coats, cool coats, wool coats... your collection could not spare a single one ;-)

Andylynne said...

What a beautiful coat! My mom loves coats. I inherited that trate from her, and have used my midwest winters to indulge. I really like the colors in your newest addition.Plus the fact it is a Harris Tweed means you might as well figure out who your going to will it to, since it will never wear out:)
The fact you have a coat collection makes perfect sense to me. Since my mom has moved from So. Ca. to the midwest to be closer to us she has bought no less than three beautiful wool coats and a stunning London Fog rain coat. She's in to this winter thing in a big way. Enjoy your new coat it is defiantly a keeper

allybea said...

Fabulous coat! Did you know that there is a law that states Harris Tweed can only be made by crofters on Harris in their own homes? Just last week there was a move to open a new mill on the island, the first for many years.

Julie said...

Thanks for the info, allybea. I'm going to have to go do some research now.

Hobocamp Crafts said...

the newest coat is wonderful! I love your ornaments and tie/scarf! Your site in general- is very serene & fun at the same time!

Missy said...

oooh...fabulous coat! Is that envy in my eye???