Fostering creativity

Bet you are wondering why I am showing you
a bunch of stuffed animals, aren't you?

They are "The Gaggles" comprised of
Whitester, Pinkster, Bluester and Snowman.
The guy in the middle is their manager.
His name is Cotton Candy, the bunny.

(The names may not be so creative,
but, heck, we had Blackie and Snowball
our pet rabbits when I was a kid.)

If you have young children,
you probably know about Webkinz,
the genius marketing idea that gives
stuffed animals their own online presence.

My boys often play with the stuffed animals
offline too - hence "The Gaggles."
The four critters that make up this band
could be described as platypus-like
but are called googles, like the search engine.

Get it? A gaggle of googles, kind of like geese!
That is where my boys' creativity starts.
They are writing songs, creating staging
and bringing them on a world tour
via a large metal toy tractor trailer.

Look for them at a venue near you.


Working in the yard

These are tiny Siberian irises
tucked into a far corner of our backyard.

I "borrowed" from my Etsy store.
Mini milk bottles and apothecary jars
and a poppyware plate are great 
for coleus and euonymus cuttings.

All of the bearded irises that came up after
this first big bloom were much smaller and paler.
Love them with sprinkler drops!

Our veggie garden is still in shambles
but for now I am enjoying how much
the store-bought strawberry plants have spread.


Thrifting neckties

When I find vintage neckties while out thrifting
I can tell when they once belonged to the same man.
It is easy to pair them up by color for my necktie scarves.
This photo doesn't show how well these ones coordinate.
I'll be adding to  the ones listed on Etsy already
plus making scarves from these ones and others for a friend.


Crocheted Victorian collars

I need to do some research before
I list these Victorian crocheted collars on Etsy.

Aren't they all just stunning? Such a lost art.
Click on each image to see the details closeup.

Maybe I could start my research with the
I already have listed in my Etsy shop.

If you have any information or sources
where I can start my research, please share.

(Is it just me or does the last one look like a thong?)


One flower, many views

How many photos does it take
before you can identify
what kind of flower this is?
(Click on photos to see them larger.)


Second vintage-embellished scarf

This is a fun way to work.
Whip up a scarf in the evening while watching tv
and add embellishments the next morning.

This scarf is done in a soft gray yarn
leftover from what my husband got me at Christmas.

I still have to sew on the vintage doily bits
and mother-of-pearl and abalone buttons.


Back to the Queen of American Lakes

I can't wait for Saturday!
It's a day to do house and yardwork.
You may ask why that would be fun --
it is on the Queen of American Lakes.
Soon enough we will be out on the water.
Summer is nearly here.