Thanksgiving in Lake Placid

We were invited to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her family in Lake Placid, NY, home of the '32 and '80 Olympics. It looked a lot like Christmas.

Relaxing with the "dog cousins," Abby and Alice.

A little bit of Dancing Twister before dinner.

And the dancing/flipping monkey.

The kiddie table.

Our hosts. We knew the food would be great since they once owned their own restaurant.

Lots of crafting and gaming going on.

A game of putting spools of thread back in the jar.

Making necklaces -- from spools...

...and beads.

I made some Scottie dog ornaments.

We also played Scrabble and drank lots of coffee.

The dads were relegated to the bedroom to watch football. We watched a video of my niece performing in "The Little Mermaid" and a few movies while crafting.

The kids played outside in the snow for a bit too.

Look for more photos on Flickr, especially the ones that show how the weather changed on our drive home. It looked like Christmas up there but it's still fall here at home.


Lisa said...

Great photos! Looks like you had a fun and active T'gving Day!

Of course, any day with crafting as an activity is a good day!

Heather said...

Seems like it was a great Thanksgiving and that everyone had a good time. It looks lovely in Lake Placid. By the way I enjoy your blog.

Natalie said...

I love your Thanksgiving... it looks like the real thing... snug and comforting, full of family and activity. Thanks for giving a peek!

Missy said...

wonderful photos Julie. I loved the kiddie table one. What cutie pies!