Getting my design on

I have been invited to join a new online store featuring handmade items. Everything from diaper covers to hand-dyed yarns to Waldorf dolls to fine art to knitting patterns.

I've listed some Christmas stockings already but...

...will focus on making totebags from upcycled articles of clothing and linens.
I can't wait to collaborate with another artisan on a knitting bag to go along with her hand-dyed yarn.

Oh, I also got to do the design work for this store.

(Much easier than my before-kids days as a graphic designer and thrilled to be working on a brand-new miniature Mac SE, lol.)

Here's the store link -- Collage In-Stock Store. We are still in the setting-up stages but items should be available for purchase soon. We are hoping to have our launch on December 1st!

I still have technical issues to work out learn, like the speed of this animation.

Oh, congo is the fancy name for a collaboration of artists selling together on this particular site.

If you click on the image above, you can see it animated -- at the correct speed even. Not sure why it isn't working here.

Thanks for your support.


SusieJ said...

Julie, I'm so excited for you You have such great talent, and you're meeting so many wonderful people too.

Missy said...

How exciting! Congratulations. The hyena cart format is supposed to be awesome.

Your graphics are wonderful...I love the robins egg blue color.

Natalie said...

This is exciting stuff and you know I will be back to check it all out. Congratulations!