Playing with my new toy

Ever since my Canon point-and-shoot broke a few months ago,
I'd been going through withdrawal.

My niece's even simpler camera did the trick when necessary,
but I wanted to get back to normal.

This is so much better than normal!
After Christmas I bought a Canon DSLR, the Rebel T3.
Just a step above a point-and-shoot but the options are amazing.
Particularly like the image stabilizer lenses and macro features.

Here are shots from my first few days with it.


My most recent hats

Winter is officially here and
here are some of the hats I've made recently.
Gotta love elf hats and my new pom pom maker!
And what do you think of the mohawk hat at the bottom?
 A few of them, and some others, are for sale on Facebook.
Let me know if you would like one!


Thanksgiving, over the river and through the woods

Once again, we spent our Thanksgiving
in the most heavenly place on Earth --
the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.

And this is how I spent Black Friday morning,
photographing the foggy and snowy landscape
near Lake Placid, site of the '32 and '80 Olympics.

We never know what kind of weather we will get
up in the mountains and the photos each year reflect that.

(Make sure you click each image for a larger view.)