Our afternoon walk

With the kids home from school for the summer
and my flexible work-at-home schedule,
we are offered a lot of time to just explore.

Today's exploration took place at Hovey Pond,
a beautiful spot right in the middle of a retail area.


Coming soon to an Etsy shop near you

Canadian A&W Mug -- "The difference is delicious"

Trio of glass and metal dispensers.

Large glass juicer.

Copper Smirnoff Mule mug and shaker.

Ceramic "Papa" owl mug.

Plastic "Moo-Cow Creamer."

Interchangeable grater made in Hong Kong.

Items being added weekly, so be sure to check back


Summer sunshine under glass

Summer has officially arrived in upstate New York.
It's not just because school is out
and Independence Day is a week away.

I know this because the blanket flowers
I planted at my inlaws' lake house are blooming,
each one like a little ray of sunshine.
You can't help but smile when you see them
growing along the picket fence right at the water's edge.

Jeanna of Beans Things and I have collaborated
to create this glass pendant now available on Etsy.
 She took one of my photos of last year's blooms,
placed it under a 1" round clear glass and
attached it to the 18" silver-plated ball chain shown.
You can now take a little bit of this sunshine with you!


How do you cope with at-home work in summer?

I find that my only creative outlet right now is photography
(as evidenced by the abundance of shots on this blog).

It is only going to be harder to find time for creativity
as school is now officially out for summer.

On our many outings, I will bring my camera and
probably a crochet project or two but
things at home will have to wait for cooler weather.

How do all other crafty WAHM cope  with
changes in the family schedule?