Swapping goodness

I didn't forget about my Sewing Notions Swap. I did forget to take pics of what I sent to moonshae all the way in Australia. Maybe she'll post some to share. This is part of what she sent me. My boys thought it was an early Christmas and grabbed anything of interest to them -- in particular the chocolate and coins.

She sent me this soft lavender yarn, little beads and jewelry wire (I'm already putting both to use in some gifts for my boys), a beaded bracelet, teddy bear eyes and buttons from her grandma's stash and embroidery floss.

She also sent a bag full of drawstring bags made from her project remnants. I think it is pretty funny I made similar ones in the last few weeks. Hers are buttery soft and the boys have already each taken one.

Fabric heaven!!! I want to see the reenactment costumes she made with these. They are lovely to the touch. She worried about sending plain solid fabrics but they are perfect compliments to the vintage patterned fabrics I'm using on projects right now. My favorite it the turquoise blue in the background. It is huge. I'm going to use it as a table covering for my craft show this weekend then decide a more permanent use for it.

And look at all of these vintage patterns. I haven't used patterns since an ill-fated attempt at making a dress in high school. These goodies are going to get me to take a stab at it again. I love the harlequin sheath but you won't find me ever wearing it, lol.

I tried to see what others in the swap sent and received but only found one post referring to the swap. Go see what Mama Said Sew received from Lori Kay.

And while you're at it go see what Missy at Spring Bean Sales has listed for sale. I understand her frustration with not doing well at local craft shows. Her little girl dresses are just adorable though. I'm going right now to buy a fabric-covered journal for a Christmas gift right now.


Missy said...

oooh...I'm drooling over those vintage patterns! Gorgeous.

Thanks so much for the plug Julie. If anybody mentions they saw it here I'll knock off $2 from each item they purchase.

blessings to yours this season!

Natalie said...

Fun stuff.
My partner and I made late starts, because of illnesses. Too bad about being sick, but at least we were in alignment. Love those patterns.

Missy said...

Hey Julie...I emailed back about the journals...perhaps they are going into the bulk? Or I'm emailing the wrong addie?