Dad says it's time for a haircut

I don't think so. What do you think?


Natalie said...

Oh! So cute and the curls... first haircuts are such a trial, such a rite of passage. I am always completely torn between *don't touch a single, precious hair!* and *oh, well, it's only hair.* My boys had fullheads and haircuts were hard. People assume I am devoted to Maria's long, uncut hair, but it's more a reluctance to botch it... These are the happier, easier parenting hurdles and still they vex us... lol

Lisa said...

If you do cut off that sweet curl, make sure you save it! My mom cut off my sister's braids and dipped the ends in wax. 45 years later, we still have them! They were so cute and soft, and that beautiful baby range of colors.

I took my youngest for her first *real* haircut and took pictures. She scowled the whole time! Even at the end when everyone was saying how pretty it was! I torture her with those pictures on occasion.

Dana said...