A little catching up

So, Natalie received my 100th post give-away. Just happy to share the blogging love and to put smiles on her cute kids' faces.

I took the Handmade Pledge. I'm number 2452. We always have some element of homemade in our holidays. Trying to expand on it a little bit this year and this pledge is good motivation. Great source for finding new websites and blogs to look at, over 3,700 strong now.

My sewing notions swap goodies are ready to go to Australia. I hope Laura likes them.

I've been invited to be part of a new shop on Hyena Cart. I'll post more news when I'm able to share more.

While those goofy guys did the yard, I was able to get a lot of organizing done in my studio this weekend. Meant packing things up for upcoming shows, rearranging furniture a bit and cleaning off my entire worktable. The bins of fabric still piled up in the middle of the room belie the fact that I did so much work in there though.

Guess the little guy didn't get enough sleep last night. He fell asleep while having a snack this morning. The dog was still waiting for him to share, lol.

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Natalie said...

Little Guy and Patient Dog are the cutest. I love it when babies fall asleep in the middle of something. Shay was asking me about specifics of the sewing notions swap... are there any? I'll scroll through your posts; I remember you gave some guidelines. We are still absorbing our 100th post give-away package. Maria carries the stocking around like a purse... it's her personal "Socking." And the guide book... it's like this piece of magic... a subtle force saying, "Guess now you'll have to come to New York!"