Thanksgiving in the Adirondacks

We spent a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend
in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York,
in and around Lake Placid.

Over the course of three days,
it went from autumn to winter.

(Be sure to click on each picture for a larger view.)

Sunrise over Wilmington

Santa's Workshop, North Pole, NY

Adirondack silhouette

Mirror Lake living up to its name

Lodge reflections

Late fall landscape

Whiteface Mountain

In the distance

The actual Lake Placid

The mighty Ausable River

Our first snowfall

Schroon Lake, NY

The sun setting


Cherishing ChildCraft books

My first babysitting job came when I was about 11.
My twin sister and I took turns caring for
my mom's co-worker's baby daughter.

 Fast-forward about 30 years, when I caught up
with mother and daughter on Facebook and Etsy.

 Beth graciously sent me nearly a complete set
of ChildCraft books from 1942
since she knew they would sell well on Etsy.

They are all filled with wonderful stories,
gorgeous period illustrations 
and child-reading tips,
though some of those are very out-dated!

Each one is now available for sale in my Etsy shop.
In the meantime, I am enjoying them myself.


Maurice of California pottery

No he wasn't a fashion designer,
even though it really sounds like he was.
Maurice of California was a company that made ceramic pieces,
including these ones, in the middle of the last century.

I found all of them at a recent local estate sale,
relegated to a spot under a table in the garage.
The colors and shapes drew me in for a closer look.
Since California pottery is highly collectible I took them all.

They are great for recreating a "Mad Man" vibe,
adding to a mid-century modern interior design
or even just using as a unique centerpiece.

Click each photo for a closer look
or the blue-highlighted text to go right to their Etsy pages.

Two Vintage Gold and Fire Organic Ashtrays
(one has a repaired chip, so these two go together)


Craft show recap

The one craft show I had on my schedule this year is now over.
It went very well, especially the sales on Saturday morning.
Two of my boys took turns keeping me company, helping me out
and spending the money I made on yummy goodies!

I love my spot in the hallway with its loads of light
coming through skylights and from spotlights
aimed toward the brink wall. Perfect!

Can't wait for next year!


Craft show weekend

 You have only one chance to see me and my wares
at a craft show this year and it just so happens to be this weekend.

Classy Crafts for Christmas will be held
Friday 2 to 8 pm and Saturday 9 am to 3 pm
at Our Lady of the Annunciation Church,
48 Aviation Road in Queensbury.

If I am in the same place as last year,
you will find me in the long hallway.
Come say hello!


Of flags and horses

When the photo contest parameters said a flag must be included
I knew exactly where I would go look for my potential entries.
Just over a year ago, I took many photos at the burial of
 an unknown New York state Civil War soldier
at the Gerald Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery.

It was such a display of patriotism, not just with all the flags
but because of all the military members present.
Civil war re-enactors, older veterans, Patriot Guard Riders
and the young soldiers who made up the honor guard.
This is the photo I chose to enter and it won,
just a few weeks before Veterans Day.

The contest was held on Facebook by local photographer
Mark Samu on his Where's Mr. Peabody? fan page.
For winning, I got to choose any print from his collections.
I chose Mr. Peabody with his barn mate,
a really fat goat named Little Jerry.

Be sure to check out Mark's beautiful collections --
the rural life, place your bets, the new cowboys,
equine conversations, hoof beats, the english subjects,
the rodeo and the mr. peabody collections.
They are now available on Etsy and at local retailers.


Don't toss out those neckties!

Sometimes when I find vintage neckties for sale
I can tell that the same man owned the lot of them.
They coordinate so well with each other and
are easy to pair up for my double necktie scarves.

Here are the latest ones I have made and listed on Etsy.
They aren't nearly as old as others I've used in the past
but I liked that the colors are so much bolder.

Each scarf is $16 plus $4 shipping.
Just click the link if your find one you are interested in
and you will be brought directly to its Etsy page.


Brown/Black/Red/Gray READY TO SHIP

Red/White/Blue READY TO SHIP

Green/Red/Gold READY TO SHIP



Pink/Purple/White READY TO SHIP

Cranberry/Olive/Pink READY TO SHIP