Sharing the thrifting love

Been very lucky on the few thrifting outings I've been on lately. I told myself I'd only buy things that I could use immediately or could put up for sale. I've kind of kept my word, lol.

I couldn't pass on all of these crocheting magazines. I thought I might try to learn to crochet, since each book also had basic stitch guides, but reality soon kicked in. There is no way I will pick up a new hobby in the next month, and since they are Christmas projects, I'll forget I have them before next Christmas. So I put them on Etsy today along with other instruction books and paper products.

I just looooved the look of Mr. Snowman.

And these candy cane reindeer.

Three makes a collection, right? I have had the blue Vera scarf for quite awhile now and just added the two bright ones. Can't decide if I want to sell them, keep them to wear or use them in a project. Kind of springy so I think I'll decide later.

I wish I had a whole set of these Eames-era Taylorstone Cathay dishes. After seeing how much they sell for though , I put them on eBay.

Now on to my two mystery purchases. This bottle depicts a Turkish or Morroccan theme to me. There are stars inside crescents all over the bottle. The bottom is marked with "Bagdad" and "Made in the U.S.A." as well as a manufacturer's mark.

I found one reference online to a similar bottle and through that a link to an explanation about the maker. I think it was made in an Owens-Illinois Glass Company factory in West Virginia in 1946. But I could be way off base. LOL

These are even more of a mystery. I believe they are a fruit knife and fork. The knife is marked "Stahlbronce" which is German for stainless bronze basically. I think the handles are enameled porcelain. I found a few similarly sized and shaped pieces on eBay (including one Limoge set which sold for a good bit) but not much information.

I paid all of 38¢ for them so either way they were a good deal. My plan is to use them in a gift basket with cheese and fruit, etc.


The Feathered Nest said...

Girl, you are a wonderful thrifter!! I love to thrift myself but have become very picky as my house is quite full and I have to be able to transform it or sell it as is in the antique store. Thank you so much for your sweet wishes. I hope you and your family have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving together!! xxoo, Dawn

Christy said...

Some lovely thrifted things! I've been looking for Vera scarves for a long time and have yet to find a single one!

Good luck on your Etsy and Ebay sales. :)