Second attempt at spinning

What an improvement with my second attempt at spinning. 
Thinner and more even yarn.
No more of that thick-and-thin yarn
unless that is what I am going for specifically.

 I've had the lime green roving since last fall
and brought the bamboo silk yarn more recently
with plans to make myself a shawl.

Amazing results when the two of them are plied together!

And the resulting scarf is thick and cushy
and shimmery all at the same time.
I can't wait for it to be done and for when I can wear it.


Furniture fixes with fabric

I went fabric shopping the other day,
for the first time in I can't tell you how long.
My sewing machine broke a year ago and
I've been destashing fabrics for a few months now.

With two very specific projects in mind --
one for Red Hen Studios and one for our home --
I felt justified in getting more.
Helps that they were at great prices!

The apple and owl prints were in the clearance remnant bin.
My plan is to paint both chairs a cheery red
and make removable cushions for the backs and seats.

I've made seats for these folding chairs before.
This time I bought outdoor fabric
so they don't get moldy from being wet.
My husband can't wait for them to be done
so we can once again enjoy our back porch.

Time to get sewing and painting!


Dream car

I've shared with you some of my dream houses,
but I have now come across my dream car. 
It shall have the license plate "R3D H3N"
and will be for transporting more than just children.

This  gorgeous VW truck was at a car show in NJ.
Its more "rustic" counterpart is for sale here locally.
Every time we drive by it the kids and I talk
about how cool it would be all fixed up.

And now we have something to aspire to.
This was such a beauty!


I've caught the spinning bug

I have my own drop spindle and bundles of roving.
An failed attempt at spinning wool with a YouTube video,
made me give up trying over six months ago.

 But thanks to the ladies of The Rhode Island Spinners Guild
had me successfully spinning in about 10 minutes.
Can't wait to practice more!!!!
And maybe a real spinning wheel will be in my future.


New life for old things

Now that I have more room in my workspace,
after destashing quite a bit,
my eyes are on refinishing things I have collected.

I plan to use Krylon Fusion paint for plastic
on these two preschool-size chairs.
It will also work on the rusty metal legs.

This sled will look great with all the metal painted glossy red
and with refinished and stained wood.
Not sure how to get the stain off the logo though...

These sweet rocking chairs need new fabric for cushions
and a fresh coat of bright paint.

The base of this globe is broken
so it will be turned into two lamps --
one uplight and the other a hanging pendant.

Time to go to the hardware and fabric stores
for color inspiration and supplies.


Classic cars

I love classic cars. 
Who doesn't?
I especially love when I have my camera
when we come across them.
(Be sure to click the images for a larger view.)

This beauty was in a Memorial Day parade.
Check out the flags reflecting in the hub cap.

We see these cute little cars every year
at the Bonnie Brae Scottish Festival in New Jersey.

When we were leaving our hotel on Sunday morning,
we noticed classic cars were pulling into the parking lot.
Our favorite was this VW truck, but the rest were pretty cool too.


Let the sun shine

Like my yarn ball holder?
No need for a fancy one when a 50¢ garage sale find will do.

 I'd had my heart set on making myself a summery shawl
from this cotton turquoise yarn I had recycled from a sweater.
It just wasn't meant to be as I hated everything I tried.

Turns out, it makes better sun hats for wee ones anyway.
I was able to finish two of these during our weekend away.

This one is a 6-month size and the other one is 2-year size.
They are $20 each, including shipping. 
Let me know if your wee one needs some cute sun protection.