Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

Happy Turkey Day to you, all of my new blogging friends!

I am thankful we will get to spend the day together and with family.

I'm thankful that we've been able to enjoy a little bit of crafting amongst the holiday mayhem, even if it is crafts of the little kid kind.

I'm thankful that we'll get our fill of yummy foods!

I'm thankful that we get to enjoy nature's bounty in other ways too. Grocery store flowers and SNOW.

That we get to pass on family stories and traditions.

That we got to bake these healthy and delicious choco-zucchini cupcakes. Find the recipe here.

Thanks to Garden of Pink Shadows for the vintage postcard images.

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Natalie said...

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too. I hope you had a wonderful day an dthat today is full of happy reflcetions and maybe a cozy nap...