Making Etsy easier

One of my sales, but there is another one available.

Whoa! Not only did I not know about Craftcount
but was totally shocked to see that I am #135 of the
Top 200 Etsy vintage sellers with 1,355 sales currently.

I'd like to make use of the many Etsy applications available
but I often get so overwhelmed looking at them.
I know once I learn more, my job will get easier though.
Time to make the time to do it.

One site I regularly use is Heart-o-matic on Craft Cult.
There I can easily find out about my shop and items hearts,
single item views and total views per page.
With The Vault, find out if you have been on Etsy's front page
or even scroll back through all the past FPs.

I am signed up to receive email notification from Statsy Featurator
whenever one of my items is featured on the front page.
Another of the many tools available there is the Biggest Fan.
In seconds, you can find out who has given you the most hearts.

And finally, while doing research, I just came across Etsy - Apps
right on the Etsy site itself. Can't wait to see what I can learn now!

Please share links of the sites that help you with Etsy.


Heroes on ice!

While my boys played bagpipes and snare drum
at the local figure skating show, "Salute to Heroes" on Saturday,
I got to take out my favorite instrument -- my camera.

While I'd really like to get a digital SLR at some point
as most of the photos I took were immediately rejected,
I must say I am happy with how many of them turned out.

 One thing is for sure, I am learning a lot
about how to get the most our of this camera.
And the young skaters were soooo adorable!

Hubby, the bagpiper and our 12yo relatively-new piper
played "amazing Grace" with astounding harmonies.

 Later, hubby, and the old-pro snare drummer played
a parade favorite "Marine Corps Hymn."

While shooting at ice level, one of the organizers
got a radio call from the music coordinator.
She didn't have a CD for either of these tunes.
That was kind of the point -- they were playing live, lol.

Check out even more photos of the event on my Flickr page.


Cardigans for spring

Oh how I wish these cardies fit me. I'd keep them all!
But, alas, I have shoulders like a linebacker
and these will only fit petite-framed girls.

How pretty will the four hand-crocheted ones
look cinched with a belt or closed with a brooch?
And the last one from Vogue and made in Italy
is so adorable all on its own.

All five are now available in my Etsy shop, 
just click the link below each picture
to go directly to its listing.


Three sheets to the wind

I just adore vintage sheets and
while I loved creating things from my finds
-- like this dress and this apron --
I'm listing many sweet prints on Etsy
as part of my recent destash.

Pretty pillowcase pairs.

Striped and floral zippered cases.

And a quartet of mismatched prints.

Plus many individual flat sheets.

Check out my Etsy linens and  fabric section
for these pieces and many others I listed earlier.
Will you use them as bedding or create something new?


Wearing o' the green

Our St. Patrick's celebrating started a little early this year.
Between the members of my family who pipe and drum,
we were in four different parades last weekend.
I went to two with my camera -- in Utica and Albany, NY.
Here are some of my favorites. The rest are here. Sláinte!