Thanksgivings present and past


You can see more photos from our Thanksgiving Day outings, here on Flickr. Unseasonably warm in Lake Placid. Great for us, not so great for the folks wanting a ski holiday. Here and here show what it was like on our past trips.

The boys are all out raking the yard one last time with Dad. And I'm listening the the holiday music here on the blog while trying get packages shipped from 3 days of orders. Then hopefully put is some creative time. Or maybe we should all go for another walk, with my camera of course.


The Christmas season begins


It was foggy and warm on Thanksgiving, but today on our way home we saw snow. Perfect segue into the Christmas season. I've changed my Playlist (off to the right there) to reflect the music of the season. You can keep my blog open while you shop online or do other things around your work or home. I'll change it on December 26th. Hope you enjoy it.


Our last few Thanksgivings

It's become a ritual to head north to my sister's family's house for Thanksgiving. Our crew of 6 triples the size of their household for a few days. But it makes for lots of fun. Here are some photos.



















Sharing from the family photo album

Ever since I found these two in  a pile of photos my mom passed on to  me, I've been meaning to share them with you.

They are of my mother's mother and aunt, probably their high school graduation photos. I don't know which one is which though.

Everything adds an air of elegance. The hairstyles, jewelry, clothing, shoes and even the bouquet of roses. Certainly not like the senior portraits you see today.


Craft show photos

I didn't get my application in on time, so I had to settle on a hallway space after another vendor canceled. I think I will request the same spot next year. While it did get crowded with folks trying to pass in opposite directions, it seemed like I got the same people looking at my table more than once. They would spot something new each time they passed. I also liked that I could use the wall space and build my displays upward.





Frost and reflection

Ever start taking pictures and realize you are capturing some really wonderful images? Is there one particular place that always does it for you?

I should have known to bring my camera with me this morning, given the frost and the fog spotted driving the boys to school.

I drove leisurely past Crandall Park then hightailed it home for my camera. I've captured the pond in different seasons for years now. Today's outing has inspired me to think about a 2011 calendar. What do you think?















I love that many of these are very ambiguous as to what you are looking at. I'll share some more of the landscape shots I took this morning in the near future. It is so amazing how different yet the same it looks. Something new to see each time.