Busy, busy and birthday and flowering tree

I've been busy finishing up our elementary school yearbook, mailing and photographing for eBay and celebrating baby's 1st birthday. Oh yeah, and ironing everything in sight. No time for crafting or gardening which really needs to get done. Not enough time in a day.

I love taking pictures at school. The kids get so animated and excited, wanting to see the results on the digital camera. One boy took a picture of me and the birthday boy. Love the shot, too bad his eyes are closed.

I thought we were past the flower-tree stage but spied this beauty
while dropping kids off at school.


Day out and recent finds

We drove north yesterday to see this little guy. Peep peep!

Then we went to a nearby town-wide garage sale.

I want to do something like this on the side of our garage.

This was the scene right off one family's porch.

And another's backyard.

Basketweave pattern bowl (50¢), Silex 2-cup glass and chrome
percolator ($2), insulators (50¢-$1 each),
two USA bowls ($1), rubber 1975 Dakin panda (free).

Raggedy Ann & Andy panel ($1), Hex sign (25¢).

Box o' letters ($2).

Children's books (25¢ each), new light blue teapot
to go with my old dark blue one (25¢).

McCoy mug inscribed with "New York"and "Marilyn."
It is going to a relative
with the little ceramic squirrel tucked inside.


...And an oink oink there

The three little pigs?

This little piggie went to market. This little piggie stayed home.

This little piggie had roast beef. This little piggie had none.

And this little piggie cried "wee wee wee" all the way home.

I cant think of any goat nursery rhymes.

Oh, The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Mini Me?

My boy insisted he wanted to give a goat a hug and one obliged.

And another goat wanted to give him a kiss.

Unicorn Goat? Amalthea?
(I just learned something about Greek mythology. Look it up.)

Sometimes, this is how I feel when my kids crowd around me.
Kids, haha. Pun not really intended but pretty funny.

This is what we found on the front porch when we got home.
My boys wanted to catch it and keep it as a pet.
Dh is afeered we have more and they will get in the house,
so he has other plans. :-(


Mother's Day weekend pics

Saturday ... in the park ...

Dad the piper. Son the drummer.

In full regalia, Dad the drum major and son the drummer.

The younger boys enjoyed the playground while the band practiced.

First time on the swing!

Extreme close-up of those eyelashes!

I hate this hat, evne though the sun bothers my eyes!

After a long weekend spent outdoors, the two younger boys crashed by 7:30.

This one perched on top of a kitchen stool while watching Dad work on the computer.


Love the smell

My lilacs are blooming and now the house smells lovely.


Thrifty morning out

I had a few hours to myself yesterday and went off to thrift stores. I got two pairs of shorts for myself and some clothes for my youngest butI spent a lot more on fabric and notions. I couldn't pass them up and I'll put them to good use eventually.

Two aprons. The green one has nice hand stitchery. The red child-sized one is in French.

Kyoto and Waverly fabric strips, a 1967 fabric calendar (the year dh and I were born), two pairs of napkins in fruits and flowers.

Top: linen cloth with two maple syruping scenes, brown and turquoise barkcloth.
Bottom: Vintage Pinocchio book, various floral linens.

A long tapestry of windmills, sailboats and tulips. Tags says "Souvenir of Holland."
I thought the timing is perfect since tulips are blooming here right now.

The big bounty. Three piece of Persian-style fabric. The one on the left is a small square, the middle is a pair of curtains and the right is a 4-1/2 yard piece. Plus lots of trims.