Two Fridays of thrifting

This is all I bought the last two times I went out thrifting. One Friday driving around to garage sales (looking at the photos I didn't even take any of the fabrics I bought that day) and the other to my favorite thrift store's fall sale.

Forgive the poor quality of the photos. I'm using a new camera, new computer monitor and new photo program.

Vintage sewing kit and tomato pin cushion.

Three hobnail milk glass lamps an autumn-colored afghan and similarly colored stand mixer cover (unused and in its original package).

1967 Spirograph (my boys already had fun with it), "Book of Knowledge" flash cards, and a bunch of children's books.

Green plastic beads to keep my little guy occupied while I was shopping, Minnie and Mickey Mouse pins (he's a Kodak one from 1989) and leprechaun troll earrings.

Really retro embossed plastic science sheets. I didn't want to take them out of the bags to photograph them but I might. They'd be great backdrops for shadowboxes.

I already had one of these handles. With the second one, I want to make a coat rack.

Vintage Christmas paper!!!!

Pretty poppy plate, fabric and an old handmade wool robe in mint condition.

1970s dotty daisies contact paper, a metal book box in Martha Stewart green, a hand beater made in Vermont, a green insulator (I now have 3 in that color) and 8 metal trays.

Couple of lidded containers in the back and silver cups, a bowl and two teacups for making pin cushions.

"Collegiate Personality Pets" -- one from a fraternity/sorority and the other from Albany State.

Two wind-up clocks. At a buck a piece, these make a great statement when grouped together. Time to look for more. (Get the pun? LOL)


Adding blogs again

Spring Bean Things -- I found this new-to-homeschooling mom's site after she posted on Wardrobe Refashion about making kilts.

Sew Retro -- I haven't sewn anything from a pattern since a friend tried to help me make a dress back in high school, but I enjoy seeing what others are making from vintage patterns.

Maize's Diary -- Really cute softies (aka stuffed animals), cool photographs, awesome thrifting finds plus links to her other creative sites

Glitter and Grunge -- Links to loads of folk and primitive artists

Prairie Mouse -- It's now spring to her because she is in New Zealand. She makes and sells adorable softies.

cally creates -- She's from near Edinburgh. Her photography reminds me of our trip to Scotland. We seem to have a similar eye, and affinity for blue doors.

Sweet Nellie -- Definitely sweet crocheted little critters with names like Maxfield and Parrish.

Theodesign -- I wish my illustrations were as nice as what she calls her doodles.

Old Red Barn Co. -- Superb photography, especially of her kids. The quilts in her header photograph pulled me right in.

M a d e l i n e T o s h -- Lovely knitting and colorful yarns.

ReLove Projects -- Reading here has inspired me to reuse and relove whenever possible in my crafting projects instead of buying new.

Daisy Cottage -- It isn't just about her cute little yellow cottage. It is about a whole lifestyle. The site also plays beautiful music when you have it up. "Stranger on the Shore" is playing right now as I type.


Wheels (and more) in Washington Co. NY

Most of these photos were taken at Rathbun's Maple Sugar House Restaurant. The best place in the world to get a home-cooked breakfast. Here is their "menu."

This barn was just up the road.

And this gorgeous property was even further north.


Adirondack Hot Air Balloon Festival

We've learned we don't have to get up until 6 to make it to the early morning balloon launches. We may be stuck in traffic for awhile, which affords me time to get shots like this, but we always get to the airport in time.


Pillows and my craft basket

This was a fun impromptu project. The kids I sit for and my boys wanted to make pillows. They didn't actually want to do any of the work and mostly gawked as I worked. I made plain squares pillows with the fabric of their choice for the boys then let them do the stuffing. For the one girl, I had a hard time finding pink fabric -- until I pulled out two matching doilies. I sewed them together right side out and she stuffed it herself. Now to dig out more embroidered linens..

Since my mom had extra fabric after getting curtains made for her new house, she asked me to make pillows. I forgot I had already made two blue/yellow ones for her family room back in the spring and just made two more. Oh well, lol. The yellow one is for her living room and the green are for her bedroom. Most of them are made with pockets so the pillow form can be taken out to clean them. My dad said he was going to keep the tv remotes inside them, lol.

I keep forgetting what projects I have going on (probably because I have so many ideas). Putting supplies in this little basket and carrying it from room to room has helped keep me focused. There's the fabric and trims for a bag for myself. And my journal. The night I took this picture, I made sketches for the aforementioned bag. And lastly, there are the booklets for my new camera. I want to learn how to make the most of it.


Latest thrifts and using up what I've got

In an attempt to use up what I've got, I've tried not to go to thrift stores or garages sales lately. And when I go, I am being very selective in what I buy. I found some cool stuff and I think I spent about $5 on all of this.

These 3 rusty birdhouse tealight holders are probably new but work with other rusty things in my living room. Not sure yet what I'll put inside them. The fabric is a heavyweight, nubby cotton and the book will help me do more than just make drawstring skirts.

Found these things all together and didn't realize there was a color theme when I first picked them up -- fall-inspired apron, drawstring bag and wooden thread spools.

I now have 4 different sizes of red gingham. The floral on the left looks a lot like fabrics I got earlier in the summer and the print on the right you have seen before -- in a pincushion.

And here is the "junk" uncovered in my basement and garage. Maybe now that it is out, I'll put it to good use.

Here is the "junk" still stored next to our garage -- fence pieces, windows and shutters among them.

Look who peeked out when I went to take pictures.