Campfire, sparklers and photo fun

My parents are heading back to Florida next weekend. They treated us all to pizza at a local restaurant and then my sister hosted one final campfire for the year .

I played with different settings on my camera to see what I could capture. Lots to work with between the low light, the ever-changing fire and the bright sparklers. These are some of the photos I came up with.

After seeing the results, I knew I wanted to create a mosaic of them but didn't know how. Off to search Flickr and the Internet. I found this site. Easy peasy. Click on the image for a bigger view.

PS Reminder: I'm within a few posts of big number 100 and I'm planning a giveaway. I'm pulling things together for it (some thrift, some ephemera, some handmade) and have decided it will have a Christmas theme. Keep checking back here so you can get in on it.

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susiej said...

Wow -- those are pretty cool. I'll have to play with the settings on my camera. I'm sorry to say, I gave up on flickr -- it doesn't work well with wordpress. I've figured out a way to do mosiacs via wordpress.