It's show time!

This is a card I've designed to hand out in an attempt to better advertise that I actually sell at craft shows. I plan on being at a few more shows this season but haven't gotten all of the applications yet.

I'm in the process of sorting through all my newer finished items -- pin cushions, Christmas ornaments, yo-yo pins and barrettes, pillowcase dresses, double necktie scarves as well as my older totebags, stockings and notecards. Ironing and adding price tags while trying to finish up just a few more things.

My handyman son put hinges on two pairs of rustic old shutters so I can have a nicer display. I just need to clean them up and seal them then add hanging hardware.

I'm getting excited! Who else sells at local shows?


Natalie said...

I just finished looking at all of your sewing projects... wow! You've been busy, and it sounds as though you have more than what's at Flickr. I like what you've made... the tie projects are clever! I have a few mugs set aside to make pincushions, and a pillowcase that I thought to turn in to a dress too... so many plans, but I can't imagine accomplishing enough to sell at craft shows. Cheers for your handyman. I look forward to seeing your newer items.

susiej said...

Wow!! I love your little handyman. How sweet. And the card is perfect.