Simple (and cheap) crafts

Yesterday was a good craft day all around.

Pulled the vintage-inspired barn star from my closet and hung it on our front door. (Why I've never hung it there before, I'll never know. It is usually hung in our blue bedroom, but since the house is also blue, it works on the front door too.)

Added the dried mini Indian corn and colored leaves ribbon from the Halloween box and we are now dressed for fall.

I've wanted to sew fabric onto two boxes we use to corral small toys and books in our bedroom. (They used to hold our magazines until our youngest moved into our lives and our room.)

This ruffle trim made the project much easier than I thought it would be. Two hours of CSI later and I have two cute baskets.

Someday, we may get them back but for now, they look prettier while holding kids' stuff.

A school project reminded me to take out googly eyes I bought last week. Add to it 3 boys, scrap craft bits, natural things and hermit crab shells and you have a few hours of entertainment.

And a tray of adorable critters.

Cost of the day's projects: about $2 total ($1 for googly eyes and $1 for the new basket trim).


Leigh Ann said...

What a great day with some super things to show for your creative work!

Thanks for telling me about the chicken scratch embroidery. I would never have known that.

Cheers! LA

The Ninny said...

I love the ruffle trim on the baskets. So cute!

Contessa Kris said...

I love all the crafts you all have done! Especially the google eyes creations. My DD would love that. I need to do more. Lately its only been school school and ebay. No art time really. I have this book from the library called 'Toys To Sew'. I flip through it often but never pull out fabric/felt to make stuff. I really need to. I miss sewing... DO you felt at all?

Missy said...

ooooh...googly eyes make every craft extra special! The boys look so happy too.