More about me

I took this photo of myself yesterday afternoon while sitting in the van waiting for my kids (my 3 of school age and my "extra" afterschool kids). I read that Nita at Red Tin Heart wanted to start up a self-portrait challenge. What I didn't notice was she wanted the first round of photos to be taken in the kitchen. I spend nearly as much time in my vehicle as in my kitchen, so does it count?

The only place that rivals my time in the kitchen and in the van is here at the computer. Nearly a year ago, November 3rd to be exact, my cohort in crime, Martha, and I started writing The Moms Blog for the online version of our local newspaper. Months later, I realized I was posting more about crafts than kids and parenting, so I started this site as my creative outlet.

They occasionally intertwine, but mostly are kept separate. I did want to share today's Moms entry since it includes chickens is about a worthy cause.

My other online presences are on Flickr, eBay and Etsy. Flickr has single-handedly brought me back to photography. Well, it and the ease of using a digital camera. Ever since discovering Flickr as a way to share photos of our trip to Scotland this past summer, I take and share a lot more.

eBay partially funded our trip to Scotland, lol. Selling off collectibles last winter did raise enough to pay for all of our passports. Big chunk of change with the new rules in place and having a family of six. I now prefer Etsy over the high cost, low return of eBay. I like that it seems to be a more crafty group over there too.

Anyway, those are all of the incarnations of me on the world wide web. Enjoy!


Natalie said...

Getting to know you... what a fun post!

Jamie said...

I was just thinking today that I'd like to go to Scotland. My mother is a descendant of Robert the Bruce who liberated the Scots from England (if my memory is correct).

I look forward to getting a chance to look through your Flickr photos. I just peeked and saw you have some from Scotland! I'll be back to visit more.