Woman's skirt to shirred girl's top

I've wanted to try shirring a top since reading about the process on Wardrobe Refashion back at the beginning of summer. I abandoned those plans when I realized the style wouldn't be very flattering on me. Didn't need to look pregnant when I'm not.

When my sister gave my this skirt last week, along with other clothes for refashioning, I knew it would make a cute top if I added shirring to it. It is a newer Worthington skirt with a zipper in the back. It's cute but it never fit my sister nicely. (That's Alice "helping" me take pictures.)

It took awhile to hand-wind the elastic string onto the bobbin and get the tension correct, but sewing it was a breeze. It is just rows and rows of stitches of white thread from the spool and elastic from the bobbin.

I added straps of a tan fabric lined with velvety green ribbon and a ribbon rose detail on the bodice.

I made the top as part of my resolve to make more birthday gifts. The recipient is my niece, the daughter of the skirt's previous owner. She is going to wear it now as a dress with leggings and as a top with jeans in the future.

I was a tomboy growing up and the only dress I remember ever wearing was a shirred sundress I wore for my grandparents' 50th anniversary party. When I saw similar dresses were popular this summer, I was reminded of it. This brings me right back to that time too.

Also for the birthday girl, is this simple book made of paper, cardstock, scrapbooking stickers and an o-ring. I added a beaded keychain with her name.

I also made one for my oldest son's friend when he told me she liked fairies. I pulled out a book on Irish fairies from my used book library for her. (I'm still trying to get past him asking "Isn't that kind of cheesy?" I'm hoping that's just a boy sentiment and the recipient won't feel the same way, lol.)


Patti said...

How lovely1 I am making birthday presents, too...it's a little more complicated with teenagers, but I've enjoyed the challenge.

shepherdgirl said...

That is the most adorable dress!
You are so lucky to e so handy and talented with sewing, I envy you. If only you were here to sew donkey clothes for me...Your children and the people you give these things to will remember you for them years dwon the road.

Dana said...

First, what a lovely blog. I'm glad I visited it. May I add it to my favorites?

Also, love the shirred top. You are crafty!!

jbs said...

This is the cutest thing, found your blog/post on wardrobe refashion.
Great idea. I bought some elastic thread last weekend in hopes to try something like this. We'll see.
You did good!

Christy said...

The shirt/dress is so cute Julie! I like the little books too. Very creative.

I'm trying to make some Christmas gifts for family this year. We noticed last night that the advertisers have already started with toy adverts for the kids. We're thinking of having a "handmade" Christmas at our house.

susiej said...

What a lucky girl. I love the fabric.

Missy said...

what a fabulous refashion...and that gorgeous curly hair on that girl...wow!