Drum roll please....

....and the winner is Natalie at Chicken Blog. Not only will she be receiving the Christmas goodies shown here, she'll also get some poultry-related surprises. Natalie, please email me your snail mail address so I won't have an excuse to procrastinate about a trip to the post office.

Thanks to all of you who have entered and left me such positive and uplifting messages. Each week, I feel like I am less and less talking to myself on this blog, lol.

Sorry Jeanne at Luv 2 Stitch, you didn't enter before I had my son pick a number, but you did get me to come to your blog. I'll be back to read about your quilts and Jasper's antics, lol. I see you've been winning all over blogland anyway. Can you share some of your luck with the rest of us?


Natalie said...

I am one happy Chica! Thank you for pulling my number out of the hat. Winning is so much fun. Cannot deny it. I love Christmas and I love packages, and I love chickens so I am very excited. The best part, though? Red Hen Studios is a fun blog and the word is spreading, so there will be more visitors and more feedback and more opportunities to enjoy all the benefits of meeting new people, sharing ideas and finding inspiration... it's exciting and I feel very happy that I get to be part of your 100th post celebration.
Umm... would anyone like to hear my Oscar acceptance speech? I think I have it here in my pocket... hold on a sec... lol

Shay said...

Those are zinnias, btw.