Chickens in my blogroll

My dream is to one day own some chickens, but for now I love that they pop up frequently in the blogs I read. I found it quite funny to recently read multiple stories about hens slipping away and laying eggs anywhere they darn well pleased. Never knew they'd do that!

Guess I have a lot to learn before we move out to the country and I get some egg-laying hens of my own.

Red Hen Studios got its name from my collection of ceramic hens and roosters. Most of them were my grandmother's, including the two in my logo off to the right.

I already have crafty angry chicken in my blogroll. Another one I've read since I first discovered blogs is mollychicken. Go look at her absolutely beautiful sweaters and crocheted granny square afghan. And read the hilarious story about her embarrassing Ma.

Natalie's Chicken Blog is a new place I visit. She also has 4 adorable kids, a busy household and a love of poultry and crafts. I was planning on including her on my blog before she mentioned me, I swear.

Becky at the Rusty Rooster & Curiosity Gift Shop posts at a slow Southern pace, probably because she is in South Carolina. Still well worth visiting. I've gotten some good ideas on decorating and for the shop I one day hope to open.

ROTFL! My sister gave us some of these mini rubber chickens. Wish we knew about this site before we travelled to Scotland.

Mrs. Chicken is a pretty funny mama and freelance writer. Not sure where the chickens fit in. Her young daughter named the blog "Chicken and Cheese."

I'm in chicken-lover's heaven. The Hen Cam posts live views both outside and inside the coop. It isn't all about the chickens. They have a cute bunny too. Right now he's heading down the coop's ramp....


carolyn said...

I had four beautiful chicken in by Berkeley backyard for many years. No slugs were the up side. The down side was losing them one by one to crafty racoons despite out Ft. Knox coop. I vow to have them again but I think in the country. I loved the eggs! little treasures to be made into muffins found among the muck :)

Andylynne said...

I love chickens too. What is it about the fluffy little dears, that wedge them selves firmly in our hearts. I had chickens for years. I intend to have them again very soon. Thanks for the added chicken links.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Chicken and cheese are the only two foods my daughter will eat. My life was filled with days of chicken and cheese, chicken and cheese.

Hence the name. Mystery solved. Thanks for the shout-out, and I'll be back for companionship and craft inspiration. I'm new to this handmade thing. :)

Cherie said...

I love chickens and someday look forward to possibly getting some too. In the meantime I run a blog called One A Day where I put up a chicken related post every day.