Putting on my photographer hat

I'm fickle with my crafty endeavors. I tend to go in streaks with my projects. Stay with one thing for a little while then completely abandon it for months.

I'm on a photography kick right now. Helps that it is my favorite time of year -- and so colorful.

While the baby napped in the van, I drove around and took pictures of the leaves (and pumpkins and mums and cattails...) this morning.

One thing I don't like about Blogger is it puts photos up in reverse order -- and at the top of a post. These are corners of my back porch after we got back home and put the goodies to use.

This cool green pump-thing came from above my inlaws' boathouse. DH was going to throw it out! When I drove past the cattails this morning, I finally knew what to put in it.

The green goes perfectly with my porch chairs, another inlaw rescue. My MIL had them black and orange. Nice for this time of year but I felt it necessary to redo them a few years ago.

Look, another piece in Martha Stewart green.

Indian corn from the garden center.

The corn now with assorted gourds.

Here are the cattails in the field. I went home to get scissors to cut some down. Whenever a car drove by, I pretended I was just taking photos. LOL

Pretty birch tree across the street from where the cattails grew.

My grandparents' old seatless rocker decorated for fall.

Wagons lined up at the garden center. The next few photos are from there too.


Red mums.

Pretty pink flowers. With our mild weather lots of flowers are still out that shouldn't be.

Some of the mums fell off so I brought them inside in a vase.

Colorful maple leaves with velvety green plants.

Had to go back to take this shot. Someone lined pumpkins up along their stone fence.

Playing with depth of field.

Look at the pattern of these changing maple leaves.

As if I didn't post enough photos here, you can see more on


Mary Ellen said...

Phenominal pics... I grew up in St. Lawrence County and Autumn there is one of my favorite memories.

Natalie said...

Going from blog to blog, I am enjoying an Autumnal tour, and this has been a very gratfying stop. I love your pictures and I love the things you've rescued and restored for your porch---well done!

Missy said...

gorgeous photos! I especially love the indian corn and the pumpkin shot. Oh, and the barbwire dof shot too!