Sewing Notions Swap

After hitting a sewing notion bounty last week (see post below), I posted on Wardrobe Refashion I wanted to trade some things I won't ever use. I was unprepared for the response and decided to create a real swap.

If you'd like to participate, send a comment to this post. Include your website and I'll post it along with your name when I pair up swap partners.

Suggested things to include are sewing notions, spare fabric, how-to books or magazines, patterns, buttons and finished craft products. You have until Friday to enter. have fun!

Additional information: Christy asked how big the box should be. I'd say around 9" X 12" X 6" based on a box I have sitting on my counter.


Shay said...

Would like to join the swap. I have several older Japanese quilting mags that I have no use for but hate to just throw away.

My blog (which is brand new, only two posts so far) is http://littlegreybungalow.blogspot.com/

Natalie said...

Oooh this sounds fun... should I think about it for a while? Naah. There must be surplus I could swap, so sign me up.

Lori Kay said...

I'll sign up for this. I have some bits and bobs that I have been hanging onto that might inspire someone else to actually use them!

Pfirsch said...

Sign me up!:)


Mary said...

Count me in!

southerngirlmusings said...

I'm in, you really hit the motherload didn't you. I love the lucite handle bag in the previous post.

Hobocamp Crafts said...

hi i'd love to take part.. if there is still room!

Allison said...

I'd like to trade a pot holder set or oven mitt from my Etsy store for any wide single/double fold bias tape.
Now, there isn't much in the Etsy store right now, but that's because I've been slacking on photographing and listing items. But I have a lot more, I swear1

Missy said...

Yippee!!! I love to swap and I have an obscene amount of sewing thingies.


Christy said...

I'd love to be part of the swap Julie. Any guidelines as to how much should be included or what size box to fill?

moonshae said...

Phew! Just made it. I'd love to take part - I stalk Wardrobe Refashion but haven't a commitment just yet.

I have about 5 metres of a lovely teal light suiting (I think). It's teal and lightly textured anyway - lovely stuff IMO that I bought and will never ever use because I look dead in that colour it turns out.

I would love to swap for some sewing patterns or books or magazines.