The roaming gnomes

When I bought this skirt nearly a year ago,
I was going to turn it into a toddler dress
but it got packed away, forgotten, in my fabric stash.

Then I found these gnome embroideries...

...and ornate trims, and I knew I would use them all together.
I just didn't know exactly how.

Today, I made three little gnome totes.

"There's no Place like Gnome"

"Gnome Sweet Gnome"

"To Gnome me is to Love me"

I'm so happy the embroidery survived being removed
from the frames and a spin in the washing machine.
It would've been a shame if I hadn't saved them and reused them.
Everything old is new again!

Now, should I do some embroidery along the edges of the white?
I'm thinking cross-hatches or blanket stitch.


Darling Petunia said...

They're really cute! I think some sort of border on the embroidered panels would really set them off. You'll have to experiment!

KibitzKnitz said...

Those. Are. AWESOME!! Good Job refashioning into something that shows off the gnomes.

suzof7 said...

Adorable! I think crosshatching would look terrific, too!

woof nanny said...

I personally love blanket stitch.

A.D. said...

So cute! Yes, do some decorative stitching on the edges. Did you try bordering with the trim you have? That's what I have done.

Christy Michelle said...

I think blanket stitch. Your gnomes are so cute!!