I've been good

Little guy and I have gotten out of the house on Friday mornings
to visit garage sales. It's not like I need to bring anything home,
but with the way things have been lately, it is actually
the only time we've gotten out of the house.

With the exception of this antique cradle, I've been very good.
Not getting anything too big or spending too much money.
Dh did not appreciate this treasure. Neither do my boys.

I went looking for it a few days after I brought it home, assuming
my dh took it off the back porch and stored it in the garage.
He put it outside -- in the weather -- with my other rustic finds.

And when I told one of the boys I bought it for craft shows,
the response was "you keep buying things but don't do
that many shows." The little pest!

This picnic basket was a buck. So sweet and rustic,
it has a worn label for iced coffee cakes.
Did one purchase the cakes and get the basket with them?

Little bits of this and that.
A brass mail slot, two folding rulers, a ceramic gray squirrel
and pink bunny and an Art Deco styled pale blue creamer.
And the folksy table cloth underneath everything too.

Ornate silverplated salad tongs marked "Taunton" and "Italy."
Three sets of metal measuring spoons.
The heavy metal pinecone from a grandfather clock.
"The Boys of Columbia" book bought for the illustrations.

Loads of linens.
A delicate pale blue hankie, 4 mens' handkerchiefs,
two curved pieces with crocheted trim
and a bridge table cover with embroidered card suits.

Four matching napkins with embroidered hanging baskets,
a nearly matching embroidered table runner, three pairs of earrings and a heart-shaped ashtray from Occupied Japan.


Andylynne said...

What fun you must have had, and all the neat things you found. I can see why you snapped up the cradle it is adorable. Don't look at my house if you find it missing. My kitties need a new resting place :)that would be perfect in the corner.

Contessa Kris said...

Don't worry about what the family says. I understand your need for buying things. The cradle is just beautiful. I especially love the linens you picked up and the basket. I am frequently a buyer of the same things much to my DH's chagrin. Thanks for visiting my blog awhile back. I'm just catching up on posts now.

Anonymous said...

I have those exact holly clip-on earrings! At least, I think I do--maybe they've gone on a wander and turned up in your neighborhood? ;D