Thrifting fix

It's been more than a month since I went to a thrift store or garage sale and I was in need of it today. I planned to go alone but those plans never seem to materialize. My 5yo accompanied me and found some good deals himself. Here is what we got for about $20:

I loved the title of the book on the left "Care and Guidance of Children," 1938. The music book is from 1950.

We also bought 5 books for the boys, 2 for dh (building fences/gates and masonry), 3 for me (perennials, wildflowers, BH&G "Come Home to Country" and a little Mary Engelbreit book) and a dozen "Country Home" magazines. My son also picked out 3 puzzles, including one large 3-D puzzle of the Capitol Building. We now have two of them for the boys to strew all over the basement.

I bought these 4 shirts to turn into little girl dresses. I'm especially hopeful about the one on the right. It is a cowboy-style shirt with a pointy yoke in the back and mother-of-pearl snaps. I'm just not sure I will be able to remove both of the pockets off what will be the back of the dress.

This is a really skinny-waisted but long skirt. Not too fashionable or flattering as an actual skirt but I thought it would make a nice toddler dress. I'm going to try just taking off some of the length and adding shoulder straps to the existing waistband.

I also found a black-striped skirt and a floral top for myself. And all of this gorgeous vintage fabric:

This is Waverly. I didn't notice the gold butterflies until after I got the photo up on my computer.

These are bright greens in person. It reminds me of coleus leaves.

I think this bright pattern will make a great apron.

This is a tablecloth in mint condition.

This last tablecloth was bought by my mom for me. I want to figure out how to embroider over the blue patterns. None of it was ever done.

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amandajean said...

what great finds! that care and guidance of children book looks like it would be fun to read.