I've gotta hunch..

Anyone recognize these dollies from your childhood?
They are Honey Hill Bunch dolls made by Mattel in 1975.

I found all but the baby one in the bottom of a misc. box
at a garage sale last weekend.

Looking them up online, I found their commercial jingle:
"I've gotta hunch...it's the Honey Hill Bunch!
Whose little hands really stick together,
you can stick them on your hat...
stick them on your sweater"

They have little velcro hands and multi-cultural personas.
Very "We Are the World," to reference the next decade.

To the best of my abilities, I have identified the bigger ones
as (from left) Sweet Lee, Slugger, Solo, Curly Q, Hayseed, Spunky,
I.Q. and Lil' Kid. I don't know the baby's name.

After a tumble in the washing machine and some hair brushing,
they came out good as new, almost. I know they are all
missing clothing and extra accessories.

Doesn't matter. The kids, esp. my extra afterschool girl,
seem to enjoy them a whole lot.
I'm thinking about making a little apron,
like this, to hold them all.

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Natalie said...

I don't remember these, but I can see you have found a terrific treasure... what fun, and the apron would be clever and cute.