Roses ... over the garden wall

I was hoping to show this to you once it was complete, but as with many of my craft projects, I don't know how to proceed.

I started with this loosely constructed brown leather or leather-like box with gorgeous flower details on the top and a very plain interior.

To get the design to stand out more, I used black, brown and white paint markers, filling in sections and wiping most of the paint off until I got the effect I wanted.

On the outside, I added an old skeleton key, a rose and green ribbon to the string that holds the box together.

On the inside, I layered sheet music, lace and a floral print that had been removed from an old frame and discarded. Wanting to give it a more dimensional look, I added more roses.

I feel like it is unfinished and want to decoupage the interior flaps of the box but don't know what with. More sheet music? Floral paper? Fabric?

Then what do I do with it when it is done? Use it on a tabletop? Hang it on the wall?


The Feathered Nest said...

I love this Julie!! I love sheet music and think it's so beautiful to look at...I would line the flaps with a paper that you love...Will it stand up ~ maybe the top flap can be opened and rest on the top of the box and you can prop the side flaps open a bit and then display on a shelf or mantle? Just a few ideas....it's a beautiful box! xxoo, Dawn

susiej said...

So beautiful!

Lisa said...

Ooh! Pretty! if it were me, i would add more sheet music to the flaps to tie them in without competing with the floral print. Then I would either stand it up on it's end and see if I could get the flaps to stay open. if they won't, I leave it closed and out on a table form someone to open and be surprised!!

Just my two cents!!