Mom's day out goodies

I done good on my thrift outing last weekend. I'm now cut off because A) I spent too much money and B) we have no more room for stuff!

I found all of these paper items from one nice lady at the firehouse flea market. The big floral book contains pages upon pages of the most gorgeous giftwraps based on 19th Century Textile Designs of French Flowers. Ooh la la! (Keep your eyes open for the projects I have used them in already.) The rest are dry-rub transfers I thought were cute.

The lady I bought these fabrics from said her daughter made a quilt with them years ago. I really want to do something with them together -- or a girl something and a boy something.

I got these trims from her too.

I almost missed these adorable dresses. She had a whole box of them and said they came from her father's factory. She asked what sizes I wanted but I didn't care. I just wanted one of each, lol. When I asked when they were made, she said they were 20 years old. I'm pretty sure they are much older as they have paper labels that describe their measurements. The manufacturer's tag seems to be cut out. I can't wait to get them cleaned and pressed.

The Goodwill Store was next. Won't this tartan cooler (excuse me, Skotch Kooler) be perfect for holding cold beverages at bagpipe competitions? Or just to use as a stool like my boys do now.

When I found it, I had to go look for a shopping cart and find out if they took credit cards, lol.

While there I also bought the two wooden jewelry boxes and the wooden lidded box on top of them. I plan to paint all three pieces white. (This is a table on our back porch with items ready for sanding and painting.) The vintage mirror came from my next, and last, stop.

It was a true estate sale with the entire house's contents up for sale. The first room I went into was filled with crafts and supplies. I fell in love with the collection of vintage gnomes!!!! The homeowner was Scandinavian. She had Viking items too, lol.

The embroideries were done by someone named Anne around 1980. Right now, they are dingy but the stitching is impeccable. I'm going to take them from their plastic frames and either clean them up or tea stain them. I think I will then use them in totes.

These two figurines were made in 1980 by Unieboek. Aren't they sweet. I think they need to reside in a plant-filled glass cloche-covered scene.

I got these linens there too. A small shamrock tablecloth a small wallhanging, two tea towels of barns and cows and the turquoise chicken scratch apron.

These last two photos are a mish-mash of items I picked up at all three stops. The elf/sprite/fairy is a Coty talc container. The books are a field guide to birds and two on puppetry and the ashtrays are for decoupaging.

I bought each of the clip-on earring pairs for 50¢ each. Both vendors said they sell really fast. No wonder at that price! The two containers in the back are a white USA planter and a yellow enamelware loaf pan. I loved the turquoise Westclox clock and couldn't just leave its partner behind. The bagpiper doll is something I had been eying on eBay. Glad I waited. I'll give it to my bagpiping niece since it is a bit feminine for my dh. Besides, it is close to her band tartan.

Don't forget to check back in a few days to see what I did with the French flower paper and two other goodies I picked up Saturday (as well as more of the same items I had on hand.) I'm so excited about how they all turned out. I just need to take photos.


The Feathered Nest said...

My goodness Julie!!! You hit the jackpot!! Don't you love those days when you feel like you are coming across the best stuff?? I can't wait to see what you do with it all...xxoo, Dawn

Natalie said...

Thrift-O'Rama Mama!
You really brought home the treasures. I like the wood collection, the jewelry boxes, and I love that you have a table of goodies waiting to be sanded and painted. The dresses look charming... a bygone era. I feel like I went thrifting with you, as I browse through your haul. Thank you for sharing the fun!

Rebecca said...

I just noticed the pictures to the right of your entries. The boys look so cute sitting together on the steps!