It's about time I moved things out

My interests certainly span the decades.
Here are some of the things I listed on Etsy today.
(Button over on the right.)

Gold Medal Flour Tea Towel $10
(along with other linens)

Second-edition Printing of Snoopy and the Red Baron $5

Book of 125 Iron-on Embroidery Transfers $6

Pre-1972 Replogle 10" Globe $15

"Grandma's" Metal Roller Skates $10

"Abandoned" Weaving Samples $8

Anthropomorphic Foods Cookbook $4
(plus more cooking booklets)

K Chin 1970's Framed Owl Litho $10
(also have an embroidered owl tea towel)

Pearl and Beaded Collar (one of 3) $20

Black Kid Gloves with Silk Lining $10

Habana Cigar Box with Seal Label $8
(one of two cigar boxes)

Go check my Etsy store out.
If you see anything you like,
mention my blog and I'll give you 20%.

Happy shopping!

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