Mom, you crochet all the time

It's true. I have a crochet hook and ball of yarn with me most of the time lately, especially while in bed at night watching tv. Certainly more productive than playing hand-held video games, which used to be my obsession.

I've really liked using two strands of the thrifted alpaca/angora/mohair blends together. I've come up with some pretty color combinations.

I had a hard time photography these so that they actually look squared up. They really are straighter than they appear, lol.

My stitches have gotten so much better since I first started crocheting. These ones are eyeglass size.

With all of them, I put in snaps under the flap and added clip-on earrings or pins. These are larger coin purses.

And these are smaller ones. I still can't figure out how to follow the flower directions I have and I haven't pushed myself to use other stitches, but I'm ready to do it now.

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Missy said...

those are adorable Julie! They look so soft and fuzzy!