Like I need more stuff

Our house may be topsy-turvy in preparation for our own garage sale this weekend, but I couldn't resist stopping at a few others when I had some free time this past weekend. I can't believe the deals I got!!!

No, this isn't a sign we are having another baby. All I did was ask the woman how much the old portable crib was and she told me to just take it. Don't have to tell me twice -- I quickly loaded it into my van. My plan is to use it at craft shows since it folds up so easily.

The brown jointed teddy bear and pale blue bunny were free too, at another sale. I am going to steal take inspiration from Dawn's idea and dress them up with vintage bits of this and that.

Does anyone know the chap in the orange coat and beanie cap? He's a rubber squeak toy from Asakusa, Japan. He might just be a generic character but he looks like an advertising character to me.

I just realized the stuffed toys weren't really free, lol. I saw this little gem on Saturday and passed it up because I thought it was just a toy sewing machine. I remembered it was a Singer, so I looked for it online and then decided to go back for it on Sunday.

It cost all of $10, but then my oldest picked out a compound bow for $5. We then had to go to the sporting goods store for arrows and accessories. Ka-ching! See the stuffies weren't really free.

Aren't these cute? They are a lighter and salt and pepper shakers, all about 2" small. I think they will make a nice gift for a tea lover. On the bottom they say "Nu-trend by Cory, AA Chrome, U.S.A." I wonder exactly how old they are. They cost a buck.


The Feathered Nest said...

You go girl!! Make you a vintagey bear ~ I'm about to make another one!! What's so neat is they all turn out different but so neat...love all the goodies you found! xxoo, Dawn

Dana said...

Great finds! Even when I'm cleaning out I still manage to find more treasure!