Making beautiful music

I'm up to my eyeballs in yearbook stuff this week,
to the exclusion of mostly everything else.

The photos I took a few weeks ago make up the cover.

I have a few more classes to visit for more photos then have to add the text and proofread, then it goes to the printer. Phew!

I was asked to help design a CD cover and label mainly
because I had the program that would open the template.
Not able to let it go at just slapping down text,
I took over the design too. I hope they like it.

I used the same fonts and photos from my yearbook design and added their words.
Above is the outside of the cover.

Here is the B&W inside with all the song lyrics.
They are such cute songs, written by the kids themselves.
I can't wait to hear them.

This is the label for the actual CD.

I hope I get asked to do more work like this for the school.
It is fun and I get to spread my design wings a little bit.

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Natalie said...

You have sweet skills. All of this looks really sharp!